Hi, and thanks for visiting my site! I'm a graduate of Maine College of Art with a BFA in Illustration. I like to think of myself as an illustrator who strives to bring fun, playful images to the table through humor, and wit, as well as deliver more Fine Arts related pieces of work.

 My favorite mediums to work in are Pen and Ink and Watercolor, not because they're forgiving or easy to work with, but because they offer a lot of texture through different techniques which can make for a really nice end result. These mediums are preferred also partially because a few of my favorite illustrators use them like Peter De Seve, and Franklin Booth. 

If you'd like to help support my journey in the world of art and Illustration please visit my Etsy shop and see if there's anything you're interested in! You can find the link here, or under the Contact / Shop MurphyInkWorks tab!



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